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Certification Courses

Lifeguard Certification

UT Dallas is proud to offer American Red Cross Certification Courses. To register or for more information, visit the Recreational Sports front control desk at the Activity Center, or call at 972-883-2090. Please note that all dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Pre-registration is required for all certification courses. Enroll online »

CPR/AED Certification (for the workplace)

AC Members Non-AC Members
$60 $80

Date (choose 1 day) Location Time
Friday February 10th MP-Green 10am-Noon
Saturday March 4th MP-Orange 1-3pm
Sunday April 23rd MP-Orange Noon-2pm

CPR/AED Challenge (re-certification)

Dates Times Location Prices
Wednesday January 25th 1-2pm MP-Green $60 (members)
$80 (non-members)
Friday March 24th 11am-Noon MP-Green
Tuesday April 11th 3-4pm MP-Orange

Lifeguard Certification

Session Times Prices
Class I
$200 (members)
$220 (non-members)
March 13th 8am - 3pm
March 14th 8am - 3pm
March 15th 8am - 3pm
March 16th 8am - 3pm
March 17th 8am - 3pm
Class II
May 19th 6pm - 9pm
May 20th 9am - 6pm
May 21st Noon - 6pm
May 27th 9am - 6pm
May 28th Noon - 6pm
If you are 15 or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career that's in demand, the American Red Cross lifeguard program is a great place to start. This course certifies you to lifeguard almost anywhere in the country and teaches you many useful rescue skills, both on water and on land. You must attend all dates in the session to complete the course. Pre-Requisites: Swim 300 yards continuous, brick pull in under 1:40; 2 minute tread with no hands. Registration closes the Wednesday before the session begins.

Lifeguard Challenge (re-certification)

Dates Times Prices
Saturday April 15th 12pm - 4pm $95 (members)
$115 (non-members)
Do you know your stuff? Come renew your lifeguard certification without having to retake the whole course! In the lifeguard challenge course you will be tested over all the necessary life-saving skills taught in the official Red Cross lifeguarding course. These include, but are not limited to: CPR/AED skills, water rescue skills, spinal injury treatment and first aid. You must have a prior lifeguard certification to take this course. For more information on dates and times, please contact UTD Aquatics

Bloodborne Pathogens

AC Members Non-AC Members
$30 $40

Date (choose 1 day) Location Time
Friday February 10th MP-Green Noon - 12:30pm
Saturday March 4th MP-Orange 3 - 3:30pm
Sunday April 23rd MP-Orange 2 - 2:30pm

First Aid Certification

AC Members Non-AC Members
$60 $80

Date (choose 1 day) Location Time
Tuesday February 21st
7 - 9pm
Wednesday March 22nd MP-Green 1 - 3pm
Friday April 7th MP-Green 10am - 12pm

WSI Certification

AC Members Non-AC Members
$200 $220

Date Time
May 12th - 14th
May 20th - 21st
Fridays 6-9pm
Saturdays 9am - 6pm
Sundays 12pm - 6pm


Activity Center Natatorium
Activity Center Mezzanine
*Must attend all dates

For more information, please contact UTD Aquatics