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How do I join UTD Retiree Association? Membership Page
What's the meaning of the logo? Dr. Chris Parr knocked off the logo while thinking about "hanging up your laurels." Members get a neat cloisonné replica of the logo (except it still has the old acronym RFSA on it).
Who are the officers? Contacts Page
What do I get for my $X?

Warm feelings of doing good? Riiiight.
You get all of these benefits plus a say in how we go about our business of serving you and the University.

How are officers chosen? The Members-At-Large act as a Nomination Committee to twist arms. We try to alternate the presidency between faculty and staff, but staff outnumber faculty in retirement just as they did in real life. And faculty tend to look on RA as a staff operation.
Is it a staff operation? It needn't be, simply because they outnumber the faculty. The staff have proven themselves eager to embrace faculty leadership just as the faculty are content to let staff run things (just as they did in real life).
Who writes this stuff anyway? The webmaster.
OK, who's the webmaster? That inverterate ham, Dr. Parr.
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