Rasmussen, Beatrice

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Beatrice RasmussenSenior Lecturer
MS, Physics, The University of Texas at Dallas
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SLC 3.310
[email protected]

I am a Senior Lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas.  I obtained a BS in Marine Sciences from Texas A&M University of Galveston in 1981.  I obtained a MS in Physics from The University of Texas at Dallas in 1996.  I have done research for a PhD, but not actually received the degree at this time.  I worked on three projects in the past:  a study of nuclear waste disposal, a neural network study for prediction of Equatorial Spread-F, and a power spectra study of Equatorial Spread-F.  Currently I am working on a fourth project dealing with remote sensing data and self organized mapping,

I have been at UTD for several years and taught both algebra and calculus based physics.  I have graded AP Physics exams for five years.  I have also been a faculty advocate for one of the physics homework websites.  I currently am holding webinars on how to create content for that homework website.  I am also working on developing new elective courses for the undergraduate physics students:  Physics of the Human Body and Fluid Mechanics.  I have also been working on a Peer Lead Team Learning project for physics.