Mike is a freshman living on campus and is away from his family for the first time. He was a good student in high school and didn't try alcohol until the summer after graduation. He is expecting college to be a 24/7 party. He doesn't know a lot of people yet, but thinks he will make friends fast if he is the life of the party.

At the Party

  • Shows up drunk to parties where he only knows a few people.
  • Is loud and stumbles around the party.
  • Often starts arguments with inappropriate comments and actions.
  • Has been asked to leave almost every party he has attended.

After the Party

  • Leaves the party alone and stumbles back to his room.
  • Has seen UT Dallas Police patrolling before, but thinks he can avoid them because he thinks he doesn't appear to be drunk.
  • Is eventually stopped by police and cited for a minor in consumption.
  • Is ashamed to tell his parents about the citation and is afraid for his future with an alcohol violation on his record.


Mike: The Party Crasher