Katie didn't know many people when she first came to college, but was able to form a close circle of friends that usually gets invited to parties on the weekends.

Lately, her friends have noticed that Katie has done some risky things after she has been drinking. Her group of friends used to go to parties together and leave together, but recently she has been going off on her own and somehow finding her way home.

Risky Behavior

  • Katie's close friends have told her how worried they are about the risks she has taken recently.
  • It scares her when her friends tell her about things she has done that she can't remember.
  • She has started going to parties by herself where she doesn't know anyone.
  • Some mornings she doesn't know how she got home or where she was the night before.
  • She was recently cited for public intoxication and is scared of how it will affect her future.


Katie: The Party Hopper