Brandon is a junior and lives off campus. He recently turned 21 and his partying has become more often and more intense. He didn't use drugs or alcohol until his freshman year, when he used alcohol frequently and marijuana on occasion.

Last year, after a bad break up with his girlfriend of nine months, he started using prescription drugs to help escape from his pain. At first he used them on their own, but now he mixes them with alcohol every time he drinks.

Brandon's Drug Use

  • Uses prescription drugs, but only with alcohol and at parties, so he can stay focused on school during the week.
  • Each time he mixes prescription drugs with alcohol, he needs to use a little bit more to get the high he is looking for.
  • Is worried about what mixing drugs and alcohol will do to his body, but he doesn't know how else to deal with his pain.
  • Parties have become more of an excuse to use alcohol and drugs instead of a time to relax with friends like it used to be.
  • Some of Brandon's friends have noticed how much he has changed, but don't know how to help him.
  • He is concerned about overdosing and getting caught with prescription drugs, but he doesn't think he can stop any time soon.


Brandon: The Mixer