What to Do in a Crisis

When parents send their students off to college, they want to know the environment will be safe in a crisis situation.

The University of Texas at Dallas has a detailed preparedness plan to inform students with accurate updates in case of emergency.

Among those charged to administer help and offer precautions are the UT Dallas Police Department (which does possess the authority to make arrests) and the Office of Emergency Management.

In addition to providing an action plan and personnel skilled in handling crises, UT Dallas is one of 19 universities in Texas to receive the StormReady designation from the National Weather Service. This means the campus has an established 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, monitors the weather, alerts the public when needed and has a formal hazardous weather plan. Having met the standards for the StormReady designation reflects UT Dallas’ commitment to keeping your student and the campus community at large safe.

Emergency Communications Process


The UT Dallas homepage is the best place to find the most authoritative and detailed information. Updates in any emergency situation will be posted there as soon as possible.

Emergency messages are also posted on the University’s official Facebook page, which can be viewed by everyone, including those who do not have a Facebook account. In some situations, Facebook may be the quickest place to find updated information. Messages are also sent through the University’s official Twitter account @UT_Dallas.

Checking both the website and social media in case of an emergency or campus closure is recommended.

If the University’s server system is ever incapacitated and the homepage is inaccessible, updates will be available via our backup homepage at UTDallas.net.

Text Message

Once registered, your student should receive up-to-the-minute information on any urgent campus happenings via the University’s cellphone text alert system. Students are encouraged to keep their cellular numbers current in the University’s alert system. If numbers change or if monthly emergency test messages are not received, updates or student numbers should be submitted as soon as possible.


Families can also obtain recorded updates about campus emergencies or closures by calling the University’s emergency information line at (972) 883-7669.

On Campus Notifications

UT Dallas has an outdoor warning system, in addition to the city of Richardson’s sirens, one of which is located on the campus. Buildings are also equipped with pull fire alarms, and most buildings have indoor warning systems. Digital signage in various areas of the University is also used for emergency messaging.


Emergency communication channels are typically tested the first Wednesday of each month at noon. Tests may be canceled due to weather or other events.


Media outlets that may supply information and updates on campus emergencies include the following:

UT Dallas Police

In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Calls made to 911 on the UT Dallas main campus are routed to the Richardson Police Department to determine the need for fire or EMS/ambulance response. Calls are then routed to the UT Dallas Police Department 911 Center.

The UT Dallas police department can be contacted directly at (972) 883-2222 or through email at [email protected].

Blue emergency phones are located in multiple locations around the main campus and living areas. These are directly connected with the UT Dallas 911 Center and provide the general location of the caller.

Update Your Cell Number

Students are encouraged to keep their cell numbers current in the University’s alert system. If you get a new number, please change it in the Galaxy system.Instructions are available.

Emergency Resources

Emergency Preparedness
UT Dallas Safety Report 2013
Office of Emergency Management

Severe Weather Tips

Hail and Straight Line Winds
Winter Storms
Tropical Storms/Hurricanes

Federal Agencies

National Weather Service
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Television Radio
KDFW(Channel 4)
KXAS (Channel 5)
WFAA (Channel 8)
KTVT (Channel 11)
KLIF-AM (570)
WBAP-AM (820)
KRLD-AM (1080)
KTCK-AM (1310 and 96.7)
KERA-FM (90.1)
KVIL-FM (103.7)
KPLX-FM (99.5)
KLUV-FM (98.7)
Jack FM (100.3)
KLIF-FM (93.3)
The Fan (105.3)
La Grande (107.5)