Software Compatibility

Title (click to sort) Compatibility (click to sort) Comments
Access 2010 Yes
Adobe Contribute Untested
Adobe CS 3 Untested
Adobe CS 4 Untested
Adobe Reader 11 Yes
CometNet Wirelss Yes
BIS Group Untested
Blue Zone HTML 3270 Emulation Untested
Blue Zone JAVA 3270 Emulation Untested
Excel 2010 Yes
FileZilla 3.6.0 Untested
Firefox Yes
FTP Explorer 10.5 Untested
Google Chrome Yes
Identity Finder 4.0 Yes
In Common Digital Certificates Yes
Infosys (Callier) Untested
Java 7 Update 9 Yes
Juniper VPN Network Connect Yes
McAfee EndPoint Encryption for Files and Folders 3.x Untested
McAfee EndPoint Encryption for PC 5.x Untested
McAfee Total Protection Untested
McAfee VirusScan No
McAfee VirusScan ePO 2.6.1 Console Untested
Microsoft Lync Yes
Network Print Queues Untested
Network Print Drivers Untested
OnBase Untested Requires Firefox 10 ESR
Opera Yes
Outlook 2010 Yes
PowerPoint 2010 Yes
PuTTY 0.60 Yes
Quicktime 7.7.2 Yes
Verisign Digital Certificates Untested
WinSCP 4.1.9 Yes
WinMagic SecureDoc Yes
Word 2010 Yes