The TSR form has been migrated to Atlas

The TSR form has transitioned from a paper form to a digital request in our Atlas self-service portal. In order to submit a request, please click on a link below. A Single Sign On prompt will appear for login and you will be routed to the appropriate form once logged in.


If there is a problem with your phone or a feature of it not covered above, please Click Here.

To request a university owned cell phone:

  1. Download the TSR-1.pdf file.
  2. Open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader.
  3. Fill in the required fields according to the Request Procedures instructions below.
  4. If you are the approver for the cost center specified, click on the Approval field and use your digital signature to sign. If you are unsure whether you have your digital signatures setup properly, please contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.
  5. If someone else must approve for the cost center, send the saved file to them with a link to these instructions. The approver must save the file after signing (to any location convenient to them.)
    Note: If the approver is unable to digitally sign the form, please scan a signed, printed copy of the TSR for submittal.
  6. Save the file to a location convenient for you by choosing File > Save As from the Adobe Menu.
  7. Once approved and saved, attach the completed TSR file to an email and send it to [email protected].