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Enroll in NetIDplus (Duo)

This guide will show how to setup NetIDplus (Duo) if you have not previously enrolled.


First Time Setup

  1. Go to the NetIDplus Console and login with your NetID and password.
  2. Enter your UTD-ID and Date of Birth on the next page and select Submit.

  1. Select Start Setup to begin your enrollment.
  2. Select the type of device that you would like to add as your 2-Factor device and select Continue.
  • Note: For your convenience, it is recommended that this be your mobile phone, where feasible. This would ensure you have access to your 2-Factor method as often as possible, and allows for multiple methods of using Duo (Push notifications, SMS, and Phone Call)
  • If you selected either the Mobile Phone or Landline option, you will need to enter your phone number and follow the ensuing instructions.
  • If you selected a Tablet, you will need to choose the type of tablet you have and follow the instructions for installing the Duo Application.

  1. Once you have successfully setup a device with your account, you can choose to add another device or what the default Duo behavior is for your account. Once done, select Continue to Login.

  1. Choose the method you want to use to authenticate using Duo and confirm once it takes place. Once you have successfully authenticated with Duo, you will see a green banner appear at the bottom of the Duo window indicating your Enrollment was successful.
  • Note: If you chose a default method on the previous screen, this will automatically be selected for you on this prompt.

  1. You are all set! All of your future Duo-protected logins will appear in this format for ease-of-use and continuity.

Security and Access > Authentication Management
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