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Installing Teams



Installing Teams for Mac/PC

  1. Navigate to teams.microsoft.com/download and select Download Teams. 

  1. After Teams has been downloaded, run the application and sign in with your [email protected] and normal UT Dallas password.

  1. You will need to authenticate using NetIDplus; if you have not set up NetIDplus powered by Duo, please visit netid.utdallas.edu and setup NetIDplus (Duo) under the "Manage or Enroll in NetIDplus (Duo)" section.
  2. After you have authenticated, you will be signed into Teams and any Teams that you are currently a member of will appear under the tab on the left panel tab labeled Teams.
  3. You can also download the Teams desktop app by signing into Teams online (teams.microsoft.com) and selecting Download the desktop app from your user settings menu.


Installing Teams Mobile App

  1. To download the Teams mobile app, sign into Teams online (teams.microsoft.com) and select the option Download the mobile app from your user settings menu. You can also download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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