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What is PubSSH?

What is PubSSH?

What is PubSSH? 

Public SSH: PubSSH Is a public-facing SSH/SFTP server. Although the UTD VPN is not needed to access PubSSH, you will need to use NetIDplus two factor authentication in order to login. The hostname is pubssh.utdallas.edu. 


Why Use PubSSH? 

In cases where you cannot access the VPN, PubSSH can allow you to access some UTD resources. This can be particularly helpful if you are on a MacOS version under 10.12.1 or an unsupported version of Linux as the VPN may not work for you. Additionally, using PubSSH is the only supported way to SSH from Linux systems without a GUI. 


How to Connect 

To connect to PubSSH, do the following: 

  1. Launch an SSH client. (e.g.?PuTTY) or in the Linux/Mac terminal, enter ssh [email protected]
  1. Type?pubssh.utdallas.edu?into the?“Host Name” field, select SSH?as the “Connection type”, and select?Open. 


  1. If this popup appears (only on first connection), select Yes. 


  1. Enter your NetID. 


  1. Enter your password and press Enter (it will not show that you are typing, but the system will track your keystrokes). 


  1. Authenticate with Duo by entering your passcode or selecting one of the options and then pressing Enter


  1. You will now be connected to PubSSH. 
  2. To connect to another server, simply type ssh [email protected] while connected to PubSSH. 

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