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Add Members to a Microsoft Team



Add Members

  1. Right click on your team in the sidebar or team list and select Add member

  1. Enter the name or Net ID of the user, name of the distribution list, or name of the security group you wish to add, select them from the list, and then select Add

  1. The user will appear below the text field. There will be a drop-down for you to select whether the user is a Member or an Owner

  1. You can add multiple users by repeating the above two steps.
  2. When you're done, select Close. The users are now added and they will see the team in their team list.


Adding Large Numbers of Members

There is no way to automatically bulk add a list of users. If you have too many users to enter by hand, we recommend copying the team's join code:

  1. Right-click the team and select Get link to team. Then, distribute the link to the people you would like to add, such as through email.

  1. When users open the link, it will give Team Owners a request to accept the join request.


You can also create a code to use for joining a team, but this is less secure then the link. When someone has the code they can join the team by simply entering the code in the join area on the Teams tab; there will be no join request. If you're a team owner:

  1. Right-click the team and select Manage team

  1. Select Settings

  1. Open the "Team code" tab and select Generate.

  1. Select Copy and then distribute the code to the people you would like to add, such as through email

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