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Teams FAQ (Office 365 Application)

 Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Office 365 Teams and the current pilot for faculty & staff at UTD. Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact the OIT Help Desk.

Q - How do I request a new Team?

Fill out the form in Atlas or contact the OIT Help Desk to request a new Team be created.


Q - The owner of my Team is no longer active at UTD. How do we request a new owner?

It is recommended that all Teams include at least two owners to prevent this issue. If your Team no longer has any active owners, please contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance. 


Q - Can I invite non-UTD participants to a meeting?

Yes, a UTD account is not required to join a meeting. Non-UTD participants can be invited to the meeting with their full email address or the link to join the meeting can be directly shared with the non-UTD participants. External users will be prompted to join with the Teams app or can participate in the browser.

Additionally, anyone with the dial-in phone number for a Meeting (found within Meeting Details) can call in to be an audio-only meeting participant. Finally, meeting presenters can invite anyone by using their ten-digit phone number which will call the participant directly, joining the meeting automatically once they answer the phone call.


Q - Can I export recordings from Teams for long-term hosting?

Yes. Once a meeting is finished recording, it will be automatically saved to the Meeting Organizer’s Microsoft Stream account. Meetings that are scheduled in a Teams Channel are automatically posted in that channel. Effective August 20, 2020 guest accounts recordings will no longer be stored in Stream. More info about this change can be found here.

Meetings stored in Stream can be shared from the Stream interface or can be downloaded and shared elsewhere by the owner.


Q - Can I transfer hosting of a Teams meeting?

Yes. Meeting Organizers will have the option to change Who Can Present in the Meeting Options. By default, this is set to all internal users. Changing this option to a specific participant or group of participants will give them the ability to present the meeting as the host. More information about meeting options can be found here.


Q - How do I share an application, a file, my desktop, or video during a meeting?

You can simply select the Chat option during the Teams Meeting and attach a file, application, or video just the same as you would for any other Teams chat. Depending on the meeting settings, you can also click the "Share" icon from the meeting bar and select what you would like to share.


Q – How many participants can join a Teams meeting?

Teams meetings can hold 300 people. If you need more than that, consider holding a Teams Live Event.


Q – How do I update my Teams photo?

Exchange (On-Prem) Email: To update your photo in Teams, you will need to change it in Webmail. After you change it, it should update on Teams within 24 hours.

Exchange Online (Office 365) Email: You can update your Teams photo in the Teams client.


We are currently migrating all users to Exchange Online (Office 365). To view the status of the migration, check here.


Q – How do I schedule a Teams meeting?

Teams meetings can be scheduled a variety of ways, depending on who you need to join the meeting.

  • To schedule a meeting in Teams, check here.
  • To schedule a channel meeting, check here.
  • To schedule a meeting in Outlook, check here.
    • For Mac, the “New Teams Meeting” option will not be available in Outlook until your account is moved to Exchange Online (Office 365) Email. To view the status of the migration, check here.


Q – Who can join a Teams meeting?

Anyone (including users without a UTD or Teams account) can join a Teams meeting. When you schedule a meeting, you can email invites to people within or external to UTD. The email they receive will have a link to join the Teams meeting, which they can do online or by downloading the app, and a call in number that they can use on their phone if they just need audio. Also, after you have the meeting scheduled you can open the meeting details and the link and call in number will be available for you to distribute if needed. NOTE: If a student schedules a Teams meeting there will only be the link to join the meeting and NOT a call in number. 


Q - How many particpants' video can I see at once in Teams?

If you are using the "New meeting experience", up to 49. More information on the new meeting experience can be found here.


Q - How can the attendees RSVP their event invitation in Teams?

Upon receiving the invite, they should be able to have the option to either accept or decline it. If they do not see it upon getting the invite, then they should also be able to go to their teams calendar and RSVP through there.


These questions are updated to stay current with the latest information from Microsoft. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of questions that could be added to this list please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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