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Add or Manage Devices on Duo Mobile (NetID Plus)


If you would like to add another device to your account, add another phone number, or remove a device, this can be completed through the manage devices screen.


Duo Login

  1. Go to the NetID management site
  2. Select NetIDplus Console
  3. Log in with your NetID and password
  4. Enter your UTD ID and Date of Birth when prompted and select Submit
  5. Select My Settings & Devices (This must be done BEFORE authenticating)
  6. Authenticate with Duo using your preferred method

Note: If you have recently changed cellular devices but retain the same phone number, you will need to authenticate via "phone" or "SMS". The SMS option can be chosen by clicking "Enter a Passcode". An option will appear at the bottom of the box to have a passcode sent by text message.


Device Options

Once logged in, you have a number of options to select:

  • Add another device: You can enroll another mobile phone number, tablet, or landline.
  • Device Options
    • Reactivate Duo Mobile: Activate the Duo Mobile app if you did not activate it when you first enrolled or if you have changed devices.
    • Change Device Name
    • Remove Device: This will appear as a red trash can if you have another device added.

  • Default Device: Set this device as the default device if using the push, sms, or phone options. On the Duo prompt you will be able to swap which device is in use if you need to use your non-default device.
  • When I log in: You can set whether you would like Duo to automatically prompt you for authentication or if you would like to select which authentication method to use each time.

Security and Access > Authentication Management
Article 26 | Last Reviewed 9/2/2020 8:19 PM