Engagement & Success

The Engagement & Success Office (ESO) serves to bring together UTD functional and technical expertise to define and implement practical and strategic customer-oriented services. The goal is to understand who we’re engaging with and for what purpose to coordinate, align, and optimize engagement activities. The desire is to form client centric partnerships and collaboration within the UTD community. Our role within the UTD operates around the five following tenets:

  • Inform: Provide the community with information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities, and/or solutions.
  • Consult: Obtain feedback for decision-makers on analysis, alternatives, and/or decisions.
  • Involve: Work directly with the UTD clients throughout the process to ensure that concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered in decision-making processes.
  • Collaborate: Partner with the UTD clients in each aspect of the decision including the development of alternatives and the identification of the preferred solution.
  • Empower: Place emphasis on the importance of the UTD clients involvement in the process and/or decision.