Student Systems

The Student Systems group is dedicated to the development and maintenance of systems and software supporting all student-related activities at the University of Texas at Dallas. Student Systems strives to provide the most accurate, efficient and secure systems and services to all groups that support our student population. We are also committed to ensuring our services are in compliance with all governing laws, statutes, and policies in support of advancing excellent educational and research programs at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Supported Systems

Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft/Orion)

We provide maintenance, development and support for enterprise systems that sustain the administrative functions of student-related activities. The primary responsibility of the Student Systems group is the maintenance, development and support of Orion, the Campus Solutions application of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Application. The Campus Solutions application is the backbone of almost all areas dealing with students and student information, including:

  • Academic Advisement – gives students and faculty timely access to academic records and reports
  • Campus Community – provides a common source of campus data, coordinating all forms of communication to help you manage your administrative services
  • Campus Self Service – allows students and faculty members to engage in self-service activities such as requesting transcripts, viewing grades, or accessing course calendars
  • Financial Aid – automates federal and institutional financial aid processing
  • Admissions – helps students and staff plan, manage, and track admissions activities
  • Student Financials – provides tools for managing and calculating all student financial information, including tuition, fees, refunds, and other financial information
  • Student Records – manages all aspects of enrollment, from catalog and class schedule maintenance, credit transfers, requisite restrictions, and more

Auxiliary System Data Feeds

In addition to supporting the above systems, we also provide Data Feeds (information sent from one system to another) from the Campus Solutions system to several auxiliary systems.

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Request Services

Work Request Procedures

Service Requests should be made via the appropriate JIRA Project, using the steps as outlined on the Requesting Service page.

Most requests for enhancements or modifications to the Campus Solutions application should be accompanied by a functional specifications document:

For more information about the differences between Shared Services and Local modification requests, refer to the document, Orion Modification Request Process. Also, this entire process is documented in the Orion Work Request Process document.

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JIRA Project Sites for Campus Solutions

Additional Forms

In addition to using the JIRA system described above, the following form is required when the Campus Solutions (Orion) system is involved.

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