Financial Management Systems & Human Capital Management

Financial Management Systems and Human Capital Management are dedicated to supporting the core business needs of the University through the development, use, and maintenance of enterprise information systems; to providing the integrated exchange of data with internal and external stakeholders; to advising management of best practices; and to deliver timely and accurate services to stakeholders in a professional and courteous fashion.

Supported Systems

The primary clients of the FMS and HCM Groups are:

  • Office of Finance and Budget
  • Office of Administration
  • Human Resource Management

The primary responsibility of the FMS and HCM groups is the maintenance, development and support of the enterprise-wide administrative business systems of the university:

  • Financials Management System (FMS)
  • SciQuest eProcurement
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Several supporting ancillary systems

Policies, Procedures & Forms

Can be found at \\utdpsfs01\EAS$\Policies_and_Procedures

Request for Services

All requests for work; bug fixes, enhancements, new features, etc. should be entered into the appropriate JIRA work request system project, listed below. They should include as much detail as possible and, when feasible, any appropriate attachments.

JIRA Project Sites:

  • Financial Management System (FMS)
  • Human Capital Management System (HMS)
  • PeopleSoft Integration Broker Services (PSIB)

If you need assistance or do not have access to JIRA, please refer to the appropriate documents under \\utdpsfs01\EAS$\Policies_and_Procedures\JIRA