School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Where Does Chronic Pain Begin? Scientists Close In on Its Origins

A new study by University researchers examined specialized nerve cells near the spine and revealed several new targets for treatment. read more

Mathematician Focuses on Getting the Most from Small Data

Dr. Yifei Lou receives a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation for a project designed to help acquire data more efficiently. read more

Professors Bring Faculty Prowess to New Roles for UT Dallas Provost

As newly appointed associate provosts, Dr. Mehrdad Nourani, Dr. Stephen Spiro and Dr. Francesca Filbey are helping to support the University’s academic mission by working in areas such as faculty recruitment and reviews. read more

New Master Plan Pictures Possibilities for Future of the University

The high-level overview, based on goals in the University's strategic plan, will help guide decisions for buildings and roads but still leaves room for details. read more

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