Congressional Award Lauds Student Who Aided Fellow Veterans

KeeShawn Coffey on left

U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson (right) presented a Congressional Veteran Commendation to KeeShaun Coffey in recognition of the UT Dallas student's efforts to help other students who have served in the military.

KeeShaun Coffey’s dedication to helping fellow student-veterans at UT Dallas has earned him the 2013 Congressional Veteran Commendation (CVC).

Coffey, an accounting senior and Navy veteran, received the award from U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson of Plano for his outstanding service on the battlefield and his dedication as a campus leader.

While at UT Dallas, Coffey co-founded and served as president of the Veterans of Dallas at UT Dallas. His advocacy established the Veteran Services Center, a one-stop resource that provides streamlined access to services for veterans.

The award, created by Johnson in 2011, recognizes residents of the 3rd District of Texas for outstanding wartime sacrifices and peacetime community involvement.

“As we commemorate our many freedoms, it’s important to thank those who have sacrificed so much to give these words life,” Johnson said. “The CVC gives us an opportunity to do just that by honoring brave men and women across our community for their selfless service to our country.”

UT Dallas President David E. Daniel nominated Coffey for the award.

“KeeShaun Coffey’s service to his community, the University and our country deserves recognition and appreciation,” said Dr. Daniel.

This award is not about me; it is about the men and women who wore the cloth of our nation and carried the American flag into battle.

KeeShaun Coffey,
accounting senior and Navy veteran

While at UT Dallas, Coffey participated in a post-traumatic stress disorder study and a high performance brain training program called SMART at the Center for BrainHealth. He credits the center with helping him rebuild his identity outside of the military and restructure his critical thinking skills for civilian success. He currently works with the Brain Performance Institute at Center for BrainHealth and its mobile brain-training program called the Warrior Training Team, which helps veterans and active duty service members locally and across the U.S.

Although his time on the battlefield is over, Coffey is dedicated to supporting his military brothers and sisters.

“This award is not about me; it is about the men and women who wore the cloth of our nation and carried the American flag into battle,” Coffey said. “Working at the Brain Performance Institute has given me the opportunity to continue to serve those who have served and help heal the invisible wounds that so many of us possess but can overcome.“

The CVC works in conjunction with the Veterans History Project and is sponsored by the Library of Congress. Coffey was one of 14 veterans who received the award in 2013.

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