Write and Shoot For News Center

The News Center Submit page wants your pictures as well as your stories.   We publish the best on the Web site and link to them from the University’s home page.

Telling the Story

Every news article starts with a lead – the first paragraph that summarizes the most interesting point of the article. The lead should give the reader an instant sense of what the article is about and should make him or her want to read more.

Students with artwork
Inform Your Audience

Don’t overlook the basic questions readers ask. Every story should answer the essentials: who, what, where, when and why. Other important questions:

  • What is your interview subject’s experience and current title or occupation?
  • Why is your subject matter important to the University students, faculty members, alumni and staff members?


Sentence Style
  • Write short, simple sentences.
  • Minimize technical terms and jargon. Explain terms you must use.
  • Write in the “inverse pyramid” style. Go from the general to the specific.
  • Include direct quotations.
  • Give concrete examples.
  • Use active rather than passive verbs.
  • Be objective. An article loses credibility when tries to “sell” a point of view.
  • Check your facts.


Student with camera

We encourage submission of digital photos and illustrations. The pictures we look for are:

  • In focus and clearly lighted.
  • Nicely composed, without too many people, with a subject that is clear and interesting. We prefer shots of people engaged in an activity rather than in posed portraits..
  • Adequate resolution. The image should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) at actual size.

(Portions of this page were adapted with permission from the MIT News Office.)


For more about submitting stories or photos, click here.


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April 23, 2014