Veteran Athletes, First-Timers Encouraged to Give Indoor Race a ‘Tri’

Noah Mudd, indoor triathlon participant

Noah Mudd, a biomedical engineering senior, will compete in the Triathlon Express on Saturday in the Activity Center. The free, indoor race is for students, staff and faculty.

UT Dallas will host its first indoor triathlon for students, faculty and staff at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Activity Center.

The Triathlon Express will include a 10-minute swim, 30 minutes on a stationary bike and a 20-minute treadmill run. Participants will be judged on who goes the farthest in each of the timed segments.

The Triathlon Express is free. Registration for competitors is online.

Indoor triathlons have been held at fitness clubs in Texas, but this is the first time a UT System school has hosted such an event on campus. Organizers include members of the University’s aquatics, fitness and club sports staff.

A typical sprint triathlon is held outdoors and consists of a 400-yard swim, a 15-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile run. Organizers at UT Dallas hope the abbreviated indoor format will encourage first-time triathletes to give it a try, and that experienced racers will enjoy a new challenge.

“We wanted to do it simply enough that even if a participant doesn’t have the equipment, they can still participate. We thought it was a cool twist on a triathlon that could fit in our facility. Since it’s indoors, we won’t get rained out,” said Carly Johnston, coordinator of aquatics.

Noah Mudd, a biomedical engineering senior who is a water safety instructor and lifeguard at the pool, said he’s always wanted to try a triathlon but found certain parts a bit daunting.

“The biggest obstacle was the biking. I’m not used to it, and I don’t have the equipment,” Mudd said.

But when organizers told him about their idea for an indoor version, he responded, “Yes, totally. That would be so awesome!”

“I’m a swimmer. That’s been my sport my whole life since I was 10. I love running, too. Anything cardio. I really need to be training on the stationary bike now. Ideally I want to try a real triathlon someday,” Mudd said.

University staff hope the event will draw about 50 competitors. Each will receive an event swim cap and towel.

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