UT System Approves Guaranteed Tuition Plan

The University of Texas System Board of Regents voted Thursday to approve a guaranteed tuition option for all of the system’s nine academic campuses.

This move comes six years after UT Dallas implemented its own fixed tuition plan. UT Dallas President Dr. David E. Daniel offered the board information this week about the University’s guaranteed tuition plan, which he pioneered in 2007.

Dr. David E. Daniel

President David E. Daniel offered information on the University's guaranteed tuition plan.

Daniel pointed out the benefits of guaranteed tuition, which helps students and their families plan ahead for costs and provides incentives for students to graduate in four years.

“We can make the cost of tuition predictable,” Daniel said. “We wanted to find another way to help families afford a college education.”

The University’s guaranteed tuition plan remains in place and unchanged.  All UT Dallas students enter the plan on enrollment.

Guaranteed tuition is just one piece of a comprehensive effort to significantly increase the University’s four-year graduation rate. Locking in tuition costs – plus the incentive the four-year price guarantee gives students to graduate on time – more than offsets any risks, he said.  

UT Dallas’ four-year graduation rate is among the highest in the state, standing at 50.6 percent for students who entered college in the fall of 2008. 

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