Richardson Honors University for Contributions to Cityscape

UT Dallas Trellis

The University’s transformation project rebuilt the campus mall.

UT Dallas has been honored by the city of Richardson with a Community Revitalization Award for its extensive campus transformation project.

The award, a first for UT Dallas, recognizes the impact that the University’s redesign of its entrance and central mall area has had on the surrounding community.

“UT Dallas’ campus improvements have created a tremendous sense of place in our community,” said Richardson Mayor Bob Townsend. “There are few places in the Metroplex that have the impact you feel as you walk around the redesigned campus.

UT Dallas Chess Plaza

UT Dallas’ campus improvements were recognized as creating “a tremendous sense of place in our community.”

UT Dallas’ campus has been transformed in recent years with the addition of the new mall, made possible by a $30 million gift from the generosity of philanthropic support. The project is soon to be expanded with the help of  three new gifts that will total at least $7 million.

“The campus transformation features we enjoy today are thanks to the efforts of many, from the regents’ approval of new buildings and the teams that help bring the buildings to fruition to the Peter Walker Partners firm and the grounds crews that maintain the thousands of trees and plants beautifying the campus enhancement project area,” said Vice President for Administration Calvin Jamison. “We know that our students, employees and neighbors will enjoy the redesigned environment and extraordinary campus growth for many years to come.”

In addition to the mall, the University has added new buildings such as the Student Services Building, the Science Learning Center, the Visitor Center and University Bookstore, Residence Hall North and Residence Hall South.

A third residence hall and the new Arts and Technology building currently are in progress. Two parking garages, a new bioengineering building and a fourth residence hall recently were approved by the UT System Board of Regents. The University has added more than 800,000 square feet of building space to the campus with an additional 900,000 square feet to be completed by 2014.    

 “There are few places in the Metroplex that have the impact you feel as you walk around the redesigned campus.”

Richardson Mayor
Bob Townsend

The city hopes that recognizing community revitalization leaders will set a precedent other commercial property owners and developers will follow.

“UT Dallas is a part of the Richardson community, and receiving the award demonstrates our efforts and role as a very valuable element in the surrounding community,” said Richard Dempsey, associate vice president for facilities management.

The Community Revitalization Awards were established in 1994 by the Richardson City Council to recognize property owners who have enhanced the community by making significant exterior improvements to properties that also have had a positive impact on the surrounding area. In the years since the award’s inception, more than 160 properties have been honored by the city.

Commercial property awardees also include Brick Row, a multi-use development located near DART’s Spring Valley Station, and Promenade Center, a retail and office property located near Coit Road and Belt Line Road.

“Richardson is extremely fortunate to be able to be home to such a progressive university that brings not only world-renowned faculty to our community, but contributions from internationally renowned landscape architects as well. We are proud of UT Dallas’ participation this year in our Revitalization Award Program, and we are grateful for the academic and social strengths it lends to Richardson,” Townsend said.

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