Former Cowboys Star to Join Researcher at Concussion Talk

Center for BrainHealth Lecture to Explore Research on Recovery After Football Injuries

Daryl "Moose" Johnston

Daryl “Moose” Johnston, who played 11 years for the Dallas Cowboys, has helped former NFL players connect with the Center for BrainHealth for guidance on brain wellness issues.

Recent research on concussions and the impact of those findings on NFL football will be the topic of a talk set Tuesday by former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston and the Center for BrainHealth’s medical science director, Dr. John Hart Jr.   

The breakfast lecture, titled “Beyond the Game: Boosting Brain Performance,” will be at 7:15 a.m. at the center.

Cooper Gardiner, former teammate of Johnston’s at Syracuse University, will also join the discussion, and Brad Sham, radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys, will moderate. Topics will include good news on scientific advancements capable of repairing the brain after concussions,  what to do after a concussion, implications for youth athletics, and ways to maximize brain performance at any stage. 

Hart has led multiple studies involving ex-NFL players, which have recently received national attention for findings related to former players’ cognition and mental health. He also heads the center’s BrainHealth Institute for Athletes, which was created to proactively address brain health issues related to sports concussions and other injuries in the aging athlete’s brain. The institute is designed to be a place for retired players to detect and repair long-term cognitive and emotional changes through a program of comprehensive brain screening, longitudinal follow-up, and brain repair training to enhance brain performance.

Dr. John Hart

Dr. John Hart is holder of the Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience and the Jane and Bud Smith Distinguished Chair.

Johnston has been a longtime supporter of the Institute for Athletes. “Through the Center for BrainHealth, former players can find out if there is an issue, and if you catch it early or late, there are things you can do to improve your condition,” Johnston said. “The brain is regenerative for life, and we can restore faculties that just a few years ago were thought to be lost forever.” Mr. Johnston has helped former NFL players connect with the center to take charge of their brain health.

The Center for BrainHealth is a research institute dedicated to developing treatments to improve brain health. Studies emphasize innovative brain research and practical clinical applications, concentrating on the brain in health, injury and disease.

Brain Performance Lecture Series sponsors include Robin and Eric Bennett, and Linda and Joel Robuck. Sponsors of the “Beyond the Game” event include Skanska, the Texas Irish Foundation, and Tolleson Wealth Management. The Brain Performance Lecture Forum planning committee includes Eric Bennett, Don Chapman, Lance Charriere, Bob Dransfield, Larry Nobles, Joel Robuck, Bryan Ward and Bob Wilbur.

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