Environmental Expert Suggests Sustainable Ways to Give Thanks

Thea Junt

Thea Junt

With Thanksgiving and winter celebrations upon us, employees can help their workplaces save energy and enjoy an Earth-friendly holiday season, says UT Dallas Sustainability Manager Thea Junt.

While computers, copiers, microwaves and coffee makers may not be powered on or in use, they still use energy.

“Before you leave work for Thanksgiving, or any holiday break, remember: Turn off before you take off,” Junt says. “Turn off all lights, unplug electronics and appliances, and roll back the thermostats.”

For a greener Thanksgiving at home, Junt offers the following tips:

  • Go local. Buy fresh foods from your area. You not only get in-season fruits and vegetables, but you also are supporting your local economy.
  • Recycle grease. Never pour turkey grease down the kitchen drain or neighborhood storm drains. Neither drainage system is equipped to dispose of this waste, and improper disposal often results in back-ups and holiday headaches. Instead, look for post-holiday recycling events in your community and recycle your grease.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Use real dishware, flatware and glassware. Disposable items can harm the environment.
  • Select the right-sized bird for your holiday crowd and remember that turkey leftovers are good for only three days.
  • Buy reusable containers and send leftovers home with guests to reduce food waste.

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