Deadlines Extended for Midterm Grades, Class Drops

Students have extra time to decide on dropping a class, and faculty get an extra week to enter midterm grades, the registrar’s office announced Wednesday. Winter weather closures caused the academic calendar revisions. 

Academic Calendar

Midterm Grades:
The due date moves from March 4 to March 11 (for undergraduate students only).

Drops and Withdrawals:
The deadline moves from March 14 to March 22.

The complete academic calendar is available online.

Students will have an extra week in which to choose to drop or withdraw from a class. The last day for drops and withdrawals has been delayed to March 22.

Faculty will have an extra week before midterm grades are due. That deadline has been delayed to March 11.

This change in the academic calendar was made in consultation with the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Undergraduate Education. The schedule was amended due to class cancellations associated with icy weather for five days in February.  

Dr. Karen M. Jarrell, assistant provost and University registrar, said the down days placed a particular burden on faculty teaching undergraduate courses.

“We want to ensure that faculty members have ample time to provide feedback to students,” Jarrell said. “We extended the deadline for that purpose. In doing so, we also wanted to give undergraduate students enough time to make an informed decision about whether to remain in a course or withdraw.”

Students and faculty can contact the Office of the Registrar if any further information is needed.

February’s winter storms caused campus closures and a series of class cancellations that led the University to adjust the academic calendar for Spring 2011.

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