Construction Project to Give UT Dallas a Grander Entrance

Artist's aerial view of the new entrance

A semi-circle of oak trees will greet drivers entering University Parkway from Campbell Road.

Entrance construction

Walls that had been part of the University entrance have been removed to make way for the new construction.


Construction grading

Areas bordering Campbell Road have been graded to make way for a series of hedge rows.

Commuters driving past the University’s front entrance have noticed big changes recently as the campus landscape enhancement plan makes its way south to Campbell Road.

Peter Walker and Partners, the landscape architectural firm hired to enhance the campus, calls for the University Parkway entrance to feature a semi-circular stand of large oak trees with a UT Dallas sign placed prominently in the center median.

The bronze badging, floodlights and walls that had stood at the entrance  have been removed to make way for the update.

In addition, earth movers have been grading land on the southernmost part of campus in preparation for the planting of hedge rows, which will run in a north-south planting pattern between Waterview Parkway and Floyd Road.

The site work is one of a series of various building and landscape construction projects that are transforming UT Dallas into a more versatile, user-friendly campus.

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Entrance at street level

A lengthy University of Texas at Dallas marker will fill the median at the entrance.

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