Center is a New Space to Explore the Sciences

Science Learning Center

The Science Learning Center’s tile exterior was inspired by two patterns: atomic emission spectra of gases, and human DNA when it is separated in a process called gel electrophoresis.

The SLC at a Glance

Budget:  $29 million

Construction: Started in fall 2008; completed summer 2010, occupied fall 2010

Space: Three levels; 74,000 gross square feet

Architect:  Kell Muñoz Architects

Contractor:  Adolfson & Peterson Construction


  • 300-seat and 150-seat student lecture halls
  • Instructional labs for biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics and science/mathematics
  • Shell space for future growth

The Science Learning Center doubles the number of instructional science labs at UT Dallas and brings labs from a variety of disciplines together in one facility.

Classes in chemistry, biology, physics, the geosciences, and  science and mathematics education will be taught in the new space.

Designed with the participation of faculty, including Physics Professor Joseph M. Izen, who chaired the building’s advisory committee, every aspect of the facility has been designed to satisfy specific academic goals.

The 150-seat and 300-seat lecture halls accommodate large classes but keep instructors closer to students than they would be in a typical university lecture hall. 

The smaller hall features 36 linear feet of board space to write out math formulas and has a bench in the front for use in science classes.  Both lecture halls feature special mounts for physics demonstrations.

In addition, the building features an innovative SCALE UP (Student-Centered Activities for Large-Enrollment Undergraduate Programs) classroom for medium-size lecture courses and smaller classrooms for pre-laboratory instruction.

The building’s tile exterior is inspired by two patterns:  atomic emission spectra of gases, as well as human DNA when it is separated in a process called gel electrophoresis.  The design of the tile wall incorporates multiple recessed fluorescent lamps covered by lenses, which glow at night.

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Carefully chosen window materials bathe the building's interior in cool colors by day.  At night, the exterior glows with the help of recessed fluorescent lamps covered by lenses.

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