CARE Awards Honor Staffers Who Go Above and Beyond

Staffers who are experts on everything from campus signs to engineering student issues recently received Spring 2012 CARE Awards.

The awards, which stand for Celebrate Achievement – Reward Excellence, were created by the Staff Council in 1999 to honor employees deserving special recognition for superior performance, outstanding customer service, and enhancing the image of the University.

Here is the list of the Spring 2012 Award Recipients and comments from their colleagaues who nominated them:

Kimberly Kentfield Flicker Dr. Aria Nosratinia and Kathy Gribble

Kimberly Kentfield Flicker, who
works with the McDermott Scholars program, was described as “good-humored and respectful” and “always willing to share an idea or a plan that will improve the program and its events. Streamlining and simplicity are her objectives.”

Kathy Gribble, shown with her supervisor, Electrical Engineering Professor Aria Nosratinia, “has been invaluable to faculty who rely on her to ensure that the various issues with respect to graduate studies are carried out meticulously,” her nomination said. “She is the consummate professional. Kathy is a pleasure to work with.  For 30 years, Kathy has been a great example of hard work.”

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham and Rhonda Wallas Jay Silber
Rhonda Walls, shown with her supervisor, Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, is an administrative assistant in the Department of Computer Science. She was praised as someone who “never shies away from opportunities to
help staff, faculty, and students.”

Jay Silber, a project coordinator in the Office of Administration, was complimented as “an extremely motivated employee " who saw a need for signage improvements on campus and implemented a program to make systematic updates.”

           Linda Heard Paul Smith

Linda Heard is the Chemistry Department's chief administrative assistant. “She handles her work in a professional manner” and “goes above and beyond to help the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Chemistry,” her nomination said.

Paul Smith, the UT Dallas parking supervisor, was described as a model employee who manages with understanding, though he is
often bombarded with tough customers issues.

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