Campus Carry Law to Take Effect Aug. 1
University Creates Exclusion Zones for Concealed Carry in New Policy

Campus Carry map

In accordance with SB 11, signs will be posted on entry points of buildings deemed exclusion zones, where concealed carry is prohibited. In addition to the Center for Vital Longevity, the entire facilities of the Center for BrainHealth and the Callier Center campus in Dallas, the highlighted buildings have been designated as exclusion zones. Click here to see a full-size map. More information on the campus carry website.

Beginning Aug. 1, Senate Bill 11, which authorizes handgun license holders to carry their concealed handguns onto the campus and into the general buildings of UT Dallas, is in effect. 


On Aug. 1, UT Dallas expanded its policy to allow sole office occupants to designate their spaces as exclusion zones. For more details, see the policy.

As part of the new state law, the University was allowed to establish reasonable rules, regulations or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders on campus after receiving input from the campus community. The UT System Board of Regents reviewed UT Dallas’ policy recommendations on July 13. 

“For the past year, UT Dallas has worked to develop and implement a campus carry policy that complies with the law while maintaining the maximum safety and security of students, staff, faculty and guests,” said Dr. Alex R. Piquero, Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology and associate dean for graduate programs in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. Piquero served as the chair of both the Campus Carry Working Group and the Implementation Task Force

The UT Dallas campus carry policy includes exclusion zones, where the concealed carrying of a handgun is prohibited. In accordance with the law, signs will be posted on entry points of UT Dallas buildings that have been designated as exclusion zones. These buildings are: 

  • Callier Center-Richardson (CR)
  • Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (RL)
  • Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB)
  • University Commons Residence Halls (RHNW, RHN, RHS, RHSW, RHW) and the contiguous dining and recreation facilities: Dining Hall West (DHW) and Recreation Center West (RCW)
  • Callier Center-Dallas
  • Center for BrainHealth
  • Center for Vital Longevity 

The essential core facilities of the University, including classrooms, offices and libraries, will all be accessible to licensed individuals carrying concealed handguns in accordance with the law. But in addition to the exclusion zones, the policy has other restrictions and guidelines for licensed carriers. 

For instance, UT Dallas buildings and rooms have different uses at different times throughout the year. Therefore, licensed holders are restricted from carrying concealed handguns in various situations. 

These restrictions include areas with: the presence of schoolchildren, sporting events, patient care facilities, including the Student Health Center and the Student Counseling Center, and disciplinary hearing or mediation facilities. 

Details about the implementation of the policy can be found here. For more information about campus carry, see an explanatory webpage. The UT Dallas community can email comments or concerns to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Campus Carry Questions

Does the new law allow for open carry at UT Dallas?

No. It is considered a criminal offense if the license holder carries a partially or wholly visible handgun, or if the person intentionally or knowingly displays the handgun in plain view of another person.

Can the UT Dallas policy change?

Yes, the president of UT Dallas has the authority to identify situation-specific exclusion zones. The president also may amend the policy as necessary for campus safety. The amended policy goes into effect immediately, unless a two-thirds majority of the Board of Regents votes to overturn the policy or specific portions of it.

What should I do if I see a handgun or any other type of weapon on campus?

Call 911 or 2222. A handgun license holder is required to keep the handgun out of sight. If you see a person on campus with a weapon, you can help with campus safety by alerting police about suspicious activity. 

See more frequently asked questions.

Responsibilities of CHL Holders on Campus

Concealment: The licensed carrier of a handgun must ensure that a casual observer be unable to notice or detect that a handgun is being carried. Open carry is not allowed on university campuses in Texas.

Security: The handgun must be on the licensee’s person, immediately accessible from a purse or other accessory, or stored appropriately.

Safety: The handgun must be carried in a holster that completely covers the trigger and trigger guard area and provides sufficient adhesion on the gun.

Storage: The University will make no provisions for storage of handguns. Individuals may store their guns in their locked vehicles. Residents of University apartments can store their guns in approved storage lockers.

Media Contact: The Office of Media Relations, UT Dallas, (972) 883-2155, [email protected].