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U.T. Dallas Selected As Oracle Center
Of Excellence For Spatial Data Management

Center Will Emphasize Homeland Security Technology

    RICHARDSON, Texas (Jan. 2, 2003) - The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) today announced that it has been selected as one of 12 universities in the United States to house an Oracle Center of Excellence for Spatial Data Management. The Oracle program will reside in the School of Social Sciences' Bruton Center, which focuses on the integration of geographical information systems (GIS), spatial analysis and exploratory data analysis, including an emphasis on homeland security technology.

    "Oracle's generous gift of software will enable our students for the first time to examine - and obtain hands-on experience with - all aspects of a GIS project, including data mining, data collection and data manipulation. This opportunity will open up many possibilities for them.," said Dr. Fang Qiu, who will direct UTD's Oracle Center of Excellence.

    Spatial data are items of information - for example, the population of a town, the height of a mountain, or the occupant of an address. Stored in many forms, including images and hard copy, spatial data can be used for planning developments, managing assets, improving living conditions, protecting the environment, etc. The information is then collected as digital data in geographic information systems.

    The use of spatial data is a fundamental information asset in developing solutions that address homeland security challenges. For example, the military, local law enforcement and first-responders all need common mapping information that is secure, accurate and available during a disaster. In addition, after a potential attack, spatial data would play a critical role in determining the appropriate response area and would be instrumental in executing the most efficient recovery plan.

    To make this possible, organizations are developing comprehensive spatial data warehouses in the Oracle9i database that can support the many different agencies and applications that need access during a disaster. Higher education research will continue to reinforce the benefits of spatial-enabled applications and will develop new and innovative ways to use the power of this technology.

    Since its inception 25 years ago, Oracle Corporation has been a partner to many of the most important organizations in the public and private sectors in protecting their most vital data assets through the use of its technologies. Oracle officials say the company delivers the necessary solutions to address any organization's homeland security needs through functional and technical expertise; infrastructure technology for information assurance; business continuity and collaboration; specific solutions tailored for the unique needs of government agencies; leadership in national initiatives; and industry-standardized technologies.

    The geospatial information sciences program at UTD is recognized nationally for its dedication to GIS teaching and research. The program began offering the first graduate certificate in GIS in 1994. In 1998, the school started the first master's program in geographic information sciences in Texas. The School of Social Sciences and the Department of Geosciences in UTD's School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics jointly operate the university's GIS program. The Computer Science Division of UTD's Eric Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science adds its expertise in database management and data mining.

    Oracle Centers of Excellence for Spatial Data Management are partnerships between Oracle and academic institutions. The partnerships are designed to promote collaboration in fostering the advancement of concepts, technology and expertise for managing special data. The Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) selects the Centers of Excellence for Spatial Data Management. For a $500 annual membership fee (per department,) OAI grants a one-year, educational license to participating colleges and universities throughout the world. Members receive software, documentation, updates and technical support. They also receive discounted access to curriculum, faculty training and certification resources. In short, OAI provides campuses with a competitive edge that will enhance their ability to attract students interested in Oracle technology.

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