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UTD Professor Gets $250,000 Grant To Study
Streamlining Technology Production Schedules

RICHARDSON, Texas (Dec. 12, 2001) -
A U.T. Dallas School of Management professor has received a $250,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to support his research into finding new ways to help electronics and hardware manufacturing companies streamline their production schedules.

Dr. Chelliah Sriskandarajah, a professor of operations management, is collaborating on the project with Professor Rasaratnum Logendran of the Oregon State University Department of Industrial and Manufacturing. Dr. Logendran is a co-recipient of the grant.

The NSF grant funds the two professors’ work to develop solutions - based on mathematical models and algorithms - for companies seeking to incorporate new technology into their manufacturing operations in the most efficient way possible.

“When technology changes, machinery changes, and so companies search for new ways to make it all work efficiently,” Sriskandarajah explained. “This is an ongoing process. We are looking for solutions companies can use over the next five years to allow them to incorporate new technologies into their manufacturing systems.”

The solutions the professors are developing are based on mathematical models that can predict how far from optimal performance a system will produce. “We may never reach the perfectly scheduled, or optimal, operation. The challenge is to come as close as possible,” Sriskandarajah said.

The professors will receive their NSF funding over a two-year period that ends June 30, 2003.

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