University Clamps Down on Water Usage to Help City Conserve

Richardson Implements Emergency Stage 3 Restrictions Starting November 1

Nov. 1, 2011

The University is taking tougher measures to conserve water and asking students, faculty and staff to help out as the city of Richardson moves to Stage 3 restrictions.

Sustainability Manager Thea Junt cites several ways students – especially those living on campus – can save water.

Sprinklers, Fountain Operation
Modified to Limit Consumption

The University of Texas at Dallas is taking additional precautions to conserve water during the current drought. UT Dallas’ three licensed irrigators, a water auditor, three journeymen plumbers and one master plumber are focused on water conservation in buildings and on the surrounding grounds.

To help the city of Richardson meet its water conservation goals, the University has cut back on usage in landscape watering cycles and modified its landscape watering schedule.

The University has deferred new plantings, including winter grass seeding, and reduced the water used in the campus mall reflecting pools. The mister column adjacent to the McDermott Library has been deactivated and winterized.

For questions about the University’s water conservation efforts, call UT Dallas Facilities Management at (972) 883-2141.

“Just because students don’t have a yard to water or a pool to fill doesn’t mean they can’t save water,” Junt said. “Every drop counts. Simple acts can save gallons of water each day.”

The North Texas Municipal Water District, the city’s water supplier, requested that all its customer cities move to Stage 3 water restrictions, which indicates a “water emergency.” A protracted period of low rainfall has left area reservoirs low.

Students living on campus can save water by:

  • Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers.
  • Washing full loads of dishes in the dishwasher. Waiting until the machine is full to run it means you can operate it less often, saving water and energy.
  • Washing only full loads of laundry.
  • Reporting water leaks and running toilets to your housing or apartment management immediately. Running toilets can leak up to 7,000 gallons per month. University Village residents may complete an online work order request via or contact the Information Center to report issues; those living in a Residence Halls may notify their front desk or use the online system. Waterview Park residents may notify their Information Center or use the online maintenance request form.

Water Conservation by the Numbers

  • Less than 1 percent of all the water on Earth is available or clean enough to drink. The rest is salty or frozen. 
  • The average person takes in about 16,000 gallons of water in his or her lifetime.
  • To stay healthy, you need two to three quarts of water daily. Four hundred gallons of water are recycled through our kidneys each day.
  • Your body is two-thirds water. Your brain is three-quarters water.
  • You could survive about a month without food, but you could survive only five or six days without water.

Source: City of Richardson

Facilities Management offers water audits of laboratories to help researchers determine how they can best save water. Call 972-883-2141 to schedule an appointment.

Everyone is asked to report dripping faucets and running fixtures on campus to Facilities Management at 972-883-2141. 

“Go ahead and call,” Junt said. “Don’t assume someone else has already reported the leak.”

For questions about the University’s water conservation efforts, call UT Dallas Facilities Management at (972) 883-2141. 

Media Contact: Karah Womack, UT Dallas, (972) 883-5890, [email protected]
or the Office of Media Relations, UT Dallas, (972) 883-2155, [email protected]
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