Center to Show Students the Way to Wellness

Sep. 23, 2010

With the start of a new semester comes a new batch of students — joined by even more returning ones — with questions on how to make the best health and lifestyle decisions.

Formally opening its doors next week, the University’s new Student Wellness Center is set up to help. 

The center will offer programs and individual consultations to help students with a variety of wellness issues. Nutrition and fitness are part of the agenda, as are alcohol and drug awareness, eating disorders, tobacco use, mental health, sexual responsibility, and men’s and women’s health.

Previously called Health Education and a component of the Student Health Center, the new center is now a separate department.  The center is expanding its programs and staff to accommodate growing awareness among students, according to Amanda Smith, assistant director of student wellness.

“We have incredible students who take ownership of their health and wellness and recognize that health is a common thread we all share.”

Amanda Smith, assistant director of student wellness

“The significant increase in student interest and participation in the Health Education Program over the last couple of years, and the opportunity to design an accommodating physical space in the new Student Services Building, made us believe the time was right for the expansion,” Smith said.

A part of Student Affairs, staff at the center will partner with other departments on events, teach some RHET 1101 classes and assist students with a variety of health needs.

 “We have incredible students who take ownership of their health and wellness and recognize that health is a common thread we all share,” Smith said.

The Student Wellness Center opens at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 27, in its new space on the fourth floor of the Student Services Building, Suite 4.500.

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Amanda Smith 

Growing student interest in health issues led to the creation of the new office, said Amanda Smith, assistant director of student wellness.


New Student Office Locations

The Wellness Center is but one of the offices moving into the new Student Services Building.  Following is  a complete list arranged by move-in date:


Sept. 23
VP for Student AffairsSSB4.200SSB44
Dean of Students OfficeSSB4.400SSB46
Student Health CenterSSB4.700SSB43
Student Counseling CenterSSB4.600SSB45
Student AccessAbility
Living Learning CommunitiesSSB3.600SSB33
New Student ProgramsSSB3.600SSB33
Student VolunteerismSSB3.600SSB33
Residential Life Director
Student Transition ProgramsSSB3.600SSB33
Housing OperationsSSB4.400SSB46
Student Wellness Center
Sept. 24
Career CenterSSB3.300SSB31
International Student ServicesSSB3.400SSB34
Multicultural CenterSSB2.400SSB23
Women's CenterSSB4.300SSB41
VP for Admissions &
    Enrollment Management
Financial AidSSB2.300SSB22
Oct. 5
Enrollment ServicesSSB1.300SSB11

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