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Multicultural Center History 2003 - 2013

The Multicultural Center originally began as Multicultural Services. The services provided were student organization support, cultural campus events and international student orientation and programs. The campus events included Hispanic, African American, Asian, Native American and International programs. In 2002, Arthur Gregg, Danny Cordova, Donna Rogers  and Dr. Darrelene Rachavong began the discussion and research of moving from the Multicultural Services model to the Multicultural Center model. In October of 2003, Dr. Mary Sias, Sr. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dr. Franklyn Jennifer, university president approved the proposal for UTD’s Multicultural Center.

Prior to moving to our new home the Multicultural Center was located on the 1st floor of the south end of the student union. The services consisted of two professional staff offices with a conference room for the MPAs. The services shared an administrative assistant with New Student Programs, Disability services, and the Assistant Deans office.

The Center opened in the Conference Center (Clark Center). The Center was located in the center of the conference center. It consisted of a living room space, computer lab with 4 computers, four staff offices, a conference room and a back room storage area. At that time the top reasons students visited the Center was to study, relax, and use the stapler.

The Center had a brief stay in the 2nd floor of the library before moving into the new student services building in Fall of 2010.  Today, the MC averages over 11,000 student visits each year. The top reasons the student visit the center is to study, relax and use the computer room.

The Center now hosts over 30 cultural events annually, with over 5,000 in attendance. The Multicultural Center was originally under Student Affairs. The Center became part of the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement in 2008. 

The Center has also grown as a staff …The original staff consisted of a director, coordinator, administrative assistant, one student assistant and five mpas. Today the Center staff consists of a director, assistant director, coordinator of cultural events and programs, coordinator of student success, nine student staff members; three office assistants, five mpas, and one student for our retention programs.

Multicultural Center 2002 Proposal.

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