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Multicultural Center


Diversity Dialogues
Jul 02 11:30 AM - SU 2.905A

The Diversity Dialogues is an interactive, engaging, facilitated discussion activity. Participants are expected to attend the full program as this is not a come-and-go event; they will engage in cultural conversations in a safe, comfortable environment. This event is free and open to all UTD students, staff, faculty and community.

To register: click here.

Multicultural Center - African American Student Success Task Force Meeting
Jul 24 11:00 AM - SSA 14.244

Bi-monthly meeting for faculty, staff and student members of the African American Student Success Task Force. This group is sponsored by the Multicultural Center.


Multicultural Center - Cinco De Mayo Celebration
Apr 26 12:00 PM - Galaxy Rooms

The Cinco de Mayo Celebration includes about Cinco de Mayo, the Los Reyes de Dallas Mariachi Band (featured on Fox 4’s Good Morning show) and cultural foods from Mexico. These foods include (aguas frescas (fresh fruit drinks), elotes, paletas (popsicles), tamales, etc.).


Multicultural Center - Juneteenth Celebration
Jun 19 10:00 AM - Galaxy Room

Juneteenth Celebration