UT Dallas McDermott Scholars

More than a Scholarship

The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program is more than a scholarship; it is a Scholars Program, tailored to each Scholar’s own interests.

In addition to UT Dallas’ academic curriculum, McDermott Scholars are engaged in self-initiated and program-provided activities, embodying the core experiences of the program:

  • Experiential Learning
    Internship and research experiences prepare Scholars for the future and allow them to interact regularly with a diverse array of leaders who provide insight into current economic, political, social and cultural issues.
  • Travel and Study Abroad
    All McDermott Scholars participate in cohort trips and an individual travel study experience.
  • Public Service
    Scholars commit to public service throughout their time in the program, serving in organizations that best fit their interests.
  • Engagement with the Arts
    The program incorporates an ongoing involvement with the rich cultural environment of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as cultural centers around the nation. McDermott Scholars attend a variety of music, dance, and theatrical performances and experience the vibrant, cultural panoply that is Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • System of Support
    Full time staff are available to meet with Scholars on an individual basis to help guide their academic, extracurricular, and professional pursuits. The program’s community of staff, faculty, alumni, and Scholars becomes a new place to find encouragement.

Scholars are expected to maintain ongoing community service and campus leadership commitments; become dynamic change agents for the university, the region, the state, the nation, and even the world; and seek to embody the commitment and generosity of the McDermott family as role models of community engagement and philanthropy.