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Qualifying Exam Archive

The Qualifying Exams take place each year in the spring semester. If there are any further questions please contact Dr. Vish Ramakrishna, Chair of the Qualifying Exam Committee.

  • Spring 2013: Math (107kb) | Stat (81.7kb)
  • Spring 2012: Math (206kb) | Stat (128kb)
  • Spring 2011: Math (347kb) | Stat (246kb)
  • Spring 2010: Math (275kb) | Stat (299kb)
  • Spring 2009: Math (244kb | Stat (325kb)
  • Spring 2007: Math (400kb) | Stat (292kb)
  • Spring 2006: Math (Not available) | Stat (245kb)
  • Spring 2005: Math (270kb) | Stat (24.5kb)

Career Information

  • Updated: April 23, 2014