Department of Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty and Research

Yulia Gel

Time series analysis, spatio-temporal processes, regularization for weakly dependent data, high-dimensional inference, statistical inference for random graphs and networks, nonparametrics, bootstrap and resampling. Applications of statistics to environmental modeling, epidemiology, finance and legal studies.

Susan Minkoff

Scientific computing with primary emphasis to date on numerical modeling for geoscience problems (seismic imaging and wave propagation, reservoir simulation, and mechanical deformation modeling). Mathematics and numerical simulation to model the "real-world" as closely as possible given limitations in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Broad interests include not only earth science, but almost all physical,chemical, and biological problems that can benefit from the skills and insights of an applied mathematician.

Research Interests

Felipe Pereira

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of multiphase flows in porous media at the field, laboratory, and pore scales; Uncertainty quantification methods for applications related to CO2 storage, oil recovery, and contaminant transport; Pore network construction algorithms; Numerical methods for partial differential equations; High performance, parallel, scientific computing.

Ivor Robinson

General relativity theory, particularly exact solutions to Einstein's equations of gravitation. Gravitational radiation and the geometry of the null paths along which protons and gravitrons travel. He is currently working on twisting gravitational waves and on some applications of Clifford Algebra.


  • Updated: July 13, 2016