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Statistics Colloquium by Peng Wei Friday, Apr 18
(2 p.m. - 3 p.m.)

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Complete Schedule of Colloquia & Conferences (Spring 2014)




 Th Jan 16, 2pm

GR 4.204

Sue Minkoff

 Molei Tao

Courant Institute

New York University

Towards the control of multiscale stochastic systems

 Tu Jan 21, 3pm

FO 2.702

Mohammad Akbar

 Carlos Herdeiro

 Shock Wave Collisions in D Dimensions

Fr Jan 24, 3pm

FO 2.604

Vladimir Dragovic

Thomas Chen


University of Texas at Austin


Gross-Pitaevskii hierarchies and mean field limits for interacting Bose gases

Fr Jan 31, 10am

FO 2.604

Vladimir Dragovic

Milivoje Lukic


Rice University


Slowly decaying perturbations of Jacobi and Schrodinger operators

Fr Jan 31, 2pm

FO 2.604

Dmitry Rachinskiy


Suzanne O'Regan

Odum School of Ecology

University of Georgia

Early warning signals of critical transitions in infectious disease dynamics

Mon Feb 3, 2pm

FN 2.102

Sue Minkoff

Leo Rebholz

Mathematical Sciences

Clemson University

Efficient algorithms for approximate deconvolution models of incompressible flow

Fr Feb 7, 10am

FO 2.604

Dmitry Rachinskiy

Leonid Kalachev

Mathematical Sciences

University of Montana

Recent Trends and Challenges in STEM Higher Education and the Big Data Program at the University of Montana

Fr Feb 7, 2pm

FO 2.604

Natalia Humphreys

Brad Smith

Chairman of the Board, Millman Inc.

Past President of the Society of Actuaries

Lessons Learned over a 35 Year career as a Professional Actuary

Fr Feb 14, 12pm

FO 2.604

Vladimir Dragovic

Milos Kojic

Department of Nanomedicine

The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston

Computational models for convective and diffusive transport in capillaries and tissue

Th Feb 20, 2pm

GR 4.204

Robert Serfling

Martina Mincheva

Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Princeton University

Covariance estimation - big data challenges and financial applications

Fr Feb 21, 2pm

FO 2.604

Dmitry Rachinskiy

Ram Iyer

Mathematics and Statistics

Texas Tech University

On the existence of solutions to a two-point boundary value problem involving capillary effect in fluid mechanics

Mo Feb 24, 2pm

FN 2.102

Robert Serfling

Xiaoke Zhang


U.C. Davis

Functional Data Analysis: Theory and Application

Th Feb 27, 2pm

GR 4.204

Robert Serfling


Frank Konietschke

Medical Statistics

University Medical Center Göttingen

Asymptotic Permutation Tests in General Factorial Designs

Fr Feb 28, 2pm

FO 2.604

Sue Minkoff

Mac Hyman


Tulane University

Simple Mathematical Models Can Provide New Insights into Stopping Epidemics

Tu Mar 4, 2:30pm

FO 1.202

Yulia Gel


Milan Stehlik


Johannes Kepler University Linz and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile


On favorable extremes modeling with applications

Fr Mar 7 - Su Mar 9

FO, 2nd Floor Atrium

Pankaj Choudhary

Ordered Data Analysis, Models and Health Research Methods: An International Conference in Honor of H.N. Nagaraja for His 60th Birthday  

Fr Mar 21 - Sat Mar 22


Robert Serfling

Min Chen

2014 Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS)  

Tu Mar 25, 2:30pm

FO 1.202

Sue Minkoff

Yifei Lou

University of California Irvine

Harvesting sparsity in imaging sciences

Fr Mar 28, 2pm

FO 2.604

Qiongxia Song

Lily Wang


University of Georgia

Bivariate Penalized Splines for Regression

Fr Apr 4, 2pm

FN 2.102

John Zweck

Mathematical Sciences


How Satellite Engineers are Using Math to Deduce the Flight Path
of the Missing Malaysian Airliner

Wed Apr 9, 2pm

FN 2.102


Wieslaw Krawcewicz

Prof. B. Rai
University of Allahabad
Deterministic Ordinary Differential Equation Models in Population Ecology with special reference to Indirect Mutualism

Fr Apr 11, 2pm

FO 2.604

Zalman Balanov

Murat Adivar

Izmir University of Economics



Fr Apr 18, 2pm

FO 2.604

Min Chen

Peng Wei

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Functional data analysis approach to detecting gene by longitudinal environmental exposure interaction

  • Updated: April 9, 2014