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Faculty FAQs

What are Living Learning Communities?

  • A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a concept based on the idea that learning takes place beyond the classroom. The program provides students the opportunity to enroll in shared courses, connect with faculty and staff, and participate in group activities.
  • LLC is a freshman-only program.

How do students apply?

  • Students apply to an LLC via their housing application, and students must self-select a community.
  • Spots are filled based on date of application.

What are students required to do as part of the LLC?

  • Live in the designated LLC residence hall.
  • Enroll in the required classes.
  • Participate in LLC programming/events.

What communities are available?

How do faculty benefit?

  • Sharing personal or professional passions.
  • Mentoring.
  • Helping to recruit and retain students in their discipline.
  • Engaging with students who have a greater tendency to outperform peers.

How do students benefit?

  • Make friends easier.
  • Customized programming to fit their needs.
  • Specialized classes.
  • More faculty contact outside the classroom.

What types of events does LLC have?

  • Formal receptions.
  • Engineering Week.
  • Tours of top-level animation/game companies in DFW.
  • Health panels with current medical students.
  • Dinners with faculty.

Why do colleges have LLCs?

Major accomplishments of LLCs at UT Dallas:

  • More than 100 faculty and staff members have participated in our programming.
  • Established in 2006; more than 1,700 student participants to date.
  • UT Dallas students have completed more than13,000 hours of service to the community via LLCs.

How can I get involved? What are the time commitments?

  • Time commitments vary per faculty member. Some contribute several hours monthly, and some attend one event per year. The decision is yours!
  • Past LLC events and estimated time commitments:
Event Role Time
Move-in Greet students and families 1 hour
First Dinner Have dinner with residence hall students 2 hours
Homecoming Float Building Help with design; encourage students to participate 2-4 hours
Industry Tours Attend an off-site industry tour with students 4 hours
Informational Tables Man information table and meet with students informally to educate them about your services 2 hours
Formal Dinners Attend formal dinners with students; educate them about opportunities; teach networking 2 hours
Study Sessions Offer study sessions prior to exams 2 hours
Game Nights Spend time with students in a social capacity 2 hours
Advising/Office Hours Utilize our faculty office to meet with students 1 hour
Hosting Faculty Coffee Hours Spending time with students discussing your research, hobbies, etc. 1 hour

Need more information?

Contact Mary Jane Partain at 972-883-7428 or