Instructions for ACM Digital Library Database

NOTE: Your browser must be configured to accept pop-ups.

Each record must be downloaded individually. Abstracts must be entered manually.

  1. Select Full Citation.
  2. Click on Display in Bib Text Format under Tools and Actions.
  3. The record will display in a new screen. Highlight the record using Ctrl-C.
  4. Select EXPORT.
  5. From the pop-up box, select SAVE AS.
  6. Save file to the Desktop, making sure you are saving it as a text (.txt) file
  7. When Download is complete, CLOSE box.
  8. In RefWorks:

    1. Log into your RefWorks account if you have not already done so.
    2. Select Reference from the top drop-down menu and then select IMPORT.
    3. For Import filter/data source, select BibTeX.
    4. Select ACM Digital Library (BibTeX Format) in the database menu.
    5. Choose Import Data from the following Text File and browse the desktop for your saved file.
    6. Click on Import.