Download Books for eReaders

McDermott Library has subscribed to Overdrive, a service which provides items for a Kindle/Nook eReader, mobile device, tablet, or PC/laptop.

Basic Policies:

  • A UTD student/faculty member/staff can checkout 5 titles at a time for 21 days.
  • Each one can have 2 items in their cart at a time—the cart will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • They will have 3 days to “pick up” a requested eBook before it moves to the next requestor on a hold list.
  • Five items can be placed on hold at a time.
  • One customer can use a book at a time (for 21 days unless it is checked in virtually by the customer) unless we have ordered multiple copies of the book.
  • Overdrive does not generate fines.

Download books for eReaders