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McDermott Library is offering instant access to high quality video and audio content via the Internet!
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Films on Demand (streaming video) This website shows videos purchased by McDermott Library which are available to students, staff, and faculty. There are films in the following categories:
Humanities & Sciences; Business & Economics; Career Education & Job Search; Communications; Literature & Language Arts; Foreign Language & Culture; Family & Consumer Science; Social Sciences; Psychology & Mental Health; Legal Studies & Crime.

Naxos Spoken Word Library An online collection of audiobooks, Naxos Spoken Word Library consists of hundreds of books, with subjects ranging from literary classics, biographies, and histories to philosophy, religion, and children's stories. Many of these books can also be followed using the texts on screen.

Ambrose Video 2.0 Ambrose Video 2.0 has a collection of more than 1200 video clips and full programs. It is an extensive library of award-winning materials in social studies, literature, fine arts, and the sciences.

Kanopy Kanopy is an online streaming video service that includes nearly 10,000 films from producers such as PBS, BBC, Criterion, Kino, A&E, and California Newsreel. The films are searchable by keywords or are browsable by subject areas, including Film Studies, Foreign Films, Movies and TV, Business, Global Studies & Languages, Social Studies, Media & Communications, and Science.

National Film Board of Canada Here's a great site with videos that are actually fun to watch! There are 400 complete films and 700 excerpts from the National Film Board of Canada, a world-famous pioneer of animation. Many of their award winners are included in this site.

Naxos Video Library The Naxos Video Library is a performing arts library with hundreds of videos of operas, ballets, documentaries, live concerts, jazz performances, recitals, and musical tours of historic places. Users can search by composer, production, artist, venue, role or genre. Playlists with customized clips from any video are easily created for educational use or for hours of personal viewing.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading This website has an extensive collection of videos and talks from Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conferences with broad subject areas that include topics in Technology, Entertaiment, Design, Business, Science, and Global Issues.  Search by keyword, subject area, newest releases, favorites, and other searchable options.