Geosciences Databases

Database Name Description
Geosciences POWERSEARCHSearches the following databases simultaneously: General Science Abstracts, GeoRef, GreenFILE, Science and Technology Collection, AGRICOLA. How to Search This Database
GeoRef (Geosciences)The GeoRef database, established by the American Geosciences Institute in 1966, provides access to the geoscience literature of the world. GeoRef is the most comprehensive database in the geosciences and continues to grow by more than 100,000 references a year. The database contains over 3.3 million references to geoscience journal articles, books, maps, conference papers, reports and theses.    How to Search This Database
GeoRef Preview Database (AGI)GeoRef Preview Database contains recently indexed records from geoscience literature to be included later in the primary GeoRef database. GeoRef Preview is useful for locating recent information without retrieving numerous older records.  How to Search This Database
SCOPUSSCOPUS covers topics in health, life sciences, agricultural and biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, earth and environmental sciences, social science, psychology, and economics, business, and management.  How to Search This Database
Web of ScienceThe Web of Science includes access to the Web of Science Core Collection which includes access to these databases:

- Science Citation Index Expanded 1900-present
- Social Sciences Citation Index 1900-present
- Arts and Humanities Citation Index 1975-present
- Conference Proceedings Citation Index SCIENCE 1990-present
- Conference Proceedings Citation Index SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES 1990-present

Select any or all of the databases for citation searching. Citation searching is used to determine which scholar is citing another scholar. In addition, citation searching can be used to determine how many times an article has been cited since it was published. This data is often used to determine the importance of the research and the pros and cons of the article.

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