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Database Name Description
SwankSwank is the worldÂ’s largest non-theatrical distributor of motion pictures for public performance. The Digital Campus platform provides 24/7 access via online streaming and covers a wide variety of documentary films.
Film POWERSEARCHSearches all of these databases simultaneously: Art Abstracts, Art Index Retrospective for 1929-1984, Essay & General Literature Index, Humanities International Index, Humanities Full Text, Essay and General Literature Retrospective, MLA International Bibliography.  How to Search This Database
International Index to Performing Arts Full Text Indexes hundreds of performing arts journals and as well as biographical information, conference papers, obituaries, interviews, discographies, and reviews. Subjects include film, television, theater, ballet, opera, musical theater, puppetry, mime, rodeos, circuses, etc. Some material is full-text. This is a good place to begin researching film and television studies. Abstracts span back to 1998, and indexing begins as far back as 1864. How to Search This Database
Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective (1907-1984)Cites articles from English-language periodicals. Periodical coverage includes some of the best-known scholarly journals and numerous lesser-known but important specialized magazines. Coverage includes a wide range of interdisciplinary fields covered in a broad array of humanities and social sciences journals.  How to Search This Database
American Film Scripts OnlineContains hundreds of scripts, together with detailed information on the scenes, characters, and people related to the scripts. In addition, the database includes many original images of previously unpublished screenplays.  How to Search This Database
KanopyKanopy is an online streaming video service that includes nearly 10,000 films from producers such as PBS, BBC, Criterion, Kino, A&E, and California Newsreel. The films are searchable by keywords or are browsable by subject areas, including Film Studies, Foreign Films, Movies and TV, Business, Global Studies & Languages, Social Studies, Media & Communications, and Science.
America: History and LifeThe most important source for articles on United States and Canadian cultural, social, economic, diplomatic, and military history, this database covers the periods from prehistory to the present and includes many full-text articles. For European and World history, see Historical Abstracts.  How to Search This Database
Historical AbstractsAn index (with abstracts) to thousands of journals published worldwide in many languages. Fields include all branches of world history, including, political, diplomatic, religious, economic, social, cultural, and military history. Many full-text articles are included. For U.S. and Canadian history, use America: History and Life.  How to Search This Database
Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present)Part of ISI Web of Science, the Arts and Humanities Citation Index is a broad multidisciplinary index to journals published since 1975 in the fields of art, architecture, history, literature, music, film, philosophy, dance, religion, etc. Complete bibliographies are included for each citation allowing for cited reference searching.A good place to start if you want to know which writers are citing a particular author.  How to Search This Database
(multilingual, multidisciplinary)
This multilingual, multidisciplinary database is especially useful for the humanities and social sciences. Francis covers thousands of journals, books, and conference papers in many languages. How to Search This Database

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