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Fall 2011

Library Roundup

Management system speeds up accessioning

Archivists’ Toolkit for Archivists by Archivists (AT) is a new open source data management software that provides a variety of tools in the daily administrative operation of Special Collections.

The primary goal is to streamline the accessioning process and description of collections and archival materials. The biggest advantage of the latter is that the software can export finding aids into an Encoded Archival Description (EAD) format, which in turn provides better search features on the worldwide web.

With the help of the Web Services Librarian and Software Systems Specialists and after the initial implementation process (familiarization with the software, creation of policies and procedures, training for staff and volunteers), AT now contains information of almost 800 collections in Special Collections.

Future benefits of AT may include the support of user and/or repository information, appraisals regarding historical value of materials, copyright, etc. The development of AT is based on a collaboration of the University of California San Diego Libraries, The New York University Library and the Five Colleges, Inc. Libraries, which are funded through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Submitted by Patrizia Nava

NY Public directs researcher to McDermott

When a novelist needed help in setting a true-to-life airline flight from Washington DC to a remote location on a different continent, the writer found nothing on the internet.

Next, the writer called on New York Public Library but its representatives could not find an answer to which flights were available in the mid-1960s setting. A reference librarian suggested calling someone at the History of Aviation Collection in McDermott Library.

Paul Oelkrug, head of Special Collections, checked in the Airline Annual Reports collection for 1960s flight schedules and found the only scheduled route the author’s character could have taken at the time. We will not reveal the author or the route until the book is published but we appreciate the referral from such a fine institution as the New York Public Library.

Submitted by Paul Oelkrug

Unusual Library Accommodations:

  • A new change machine located near the copy center on the 2nd level...
  • Scantron sheets and other supplies available for purchase from the bookstore vending machine on the 1st level...
  • Bean bags on the 4th level for "relaxing research"...

CAT/AA Specialist Continues Research

Professor Joe Leeker of Chemnitz, Germany revisited the Civil Air Transport (CAT)/Air America Archive in Special Collections to continue research into aircraft used by those organizations.

He was assisted by his wife Betty (both shown above). The Leekers spent a week in the archives. Joe Leeker is concentrating on CAT information from 1951 to 1959 during which time the name of the organization changed to Air America. He previously produced meticulous details about Air America aircraft that is now posted on the Special Collections archive website.

Riding Partners

UT Dallas alumnae Sydnei Anderson, daughter of the Library’s head of cataloging, Debbie Montgomery, came across a fellow mountain biker on the Katy Trail in Dallas - former U.S. President George W. Bush. Sydnei works as a physical therapy technician and is involved in the Physical Therapy Assistant Certification program at Tarrant County College. She received a degree in biology from UT Dallas in 2005 and was a student worker in McDermott Library. Mr. Bush is retired.

Submitted by Debbie Montgomery

Novel Brew Returns to first floor

Novel Brew, the only fresh food source in the Library proper, returned this fall after not operating in the spring. The hiatus resulted from the move of all the occupants that left the first floor vacant. The bursar’s office, the registrar’s office, the Galerstein Women’s Center, and the student services office moved into new buildings. Novel Brew is back with new offerings, coffee varieties and hours from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the image above Library staff members Carol Oshel and Brenda Mahar, at right, line up for coffee and snacks at Novel Brew.

New faces on the library staff

Julie Rooney
Julie Rooney
DeAnn Rose
DeAnn Rose
Mary Fisher-Warrick
Mary Fisher-Warrick
Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor
Seth Miskimins
Seth Miskimins

The Fall semester saw new faces on the McDermott Library staff beginning with Library Administration. Julie L. Rooney is the new Administrative Services Officer II. She moves to the library from her previous UT Dallas post as an administrative assistant for the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs. Her office is MC 4.216 and the telephone extension is 2968. Also new on the fourth floor is DeAnn Rose who is the new Administrative Assistant to the Director of Libraries. Her office is MC 4.202 and her extension is 2960. She previously worked in the Circulation Services. She replaces Carol McGee who retired after a decade of service. Jach Ross, the previous Administrative Services Officer, took a position in the Undergraduate dean’s office.

Also, Circulation Services welcomed two library assistants. Mary Fisher-Warrick joined Circulation Services as a Library Assistant II. She worked at the Albuquerque Academy as a library assistant before her family moved to Texas. She has a BS in Accounting. Janet Taylor is a Library Assistant III. She worked in the Howard Payne University library, was the librarian secretary for a year and was the government documents clerk for two years. She intends to attend the University of North Texas (UNT) to pursue a master of library science degree.

Special Collections added Seth Miskimins as a Library Assistant III to concentrate on the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library that was established at UT Dallas in 1976 to serve as a research center for philatelists. He earned a master of library science degree at UNT in May.

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