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Fall 2011

McDermott Art Tour Debuts

Library’s Cultural Arts Organized into Virtual Tour About Artists and Their Works

McDermott Library offers a stimulating environment for not only study but artistic appreciation. Frequently students and staff alike pause before a sculpture or painting in the library and ponder the artist’s intent. Adorning spaces in the library with artistic works reflects the library’s policy of welcoming patrons into a space that engages them both intellectually and aesthetically.

Artistic works in McDermott Library largely represent abstract expressionism, ranging from paintings to unique sculptures. Items on the tour are accompanied by a Quick Read imprint that allows patrons to access details of the artwork online by scanning the QR code with their phone devices. Or anyone can view the items online at http://www.utdallas.edu/library/mat/ .

Representative selections include the "Female Torso" sculpture by Sharon Corgan Leeber, which has caused many a head to turn at the Circulation desk in delighted curiosity. Dr. Allan Saxe, a long time political science professor at The University of Texas at Arlington and philanthropist, donated the sculpture to the university back in 1976. Indeed, the form is of a woman, etched into polished chrome.

A bronze bust of Eugene McDermott by Glenna Maxey Goodacre is another notable work – gracing the lobby and peering regally at visitors on their way past the Circulation desk. Goodacre is known for creating the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington D.C. and the design for the obverse face of the Sacagawea dollar coin.

However, the artistic work that draws the most curiosity is the massive wooden piece by Jeffrey Brosk hanging from the stairwell facing the north entrance. It never fails to elicit gasps of consternation. The piece is called, "Midnight". Brosk earned an MA in Architecture from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He enjoys working with natural objects, especially wood with varying degrees of imperfections. He "combines the wood with slate from Vermont, black stain, and gold leaf inserts." Brosk’s art pieces are displayed all over the U.S. "Midnight" was installed at the McDermott Library in 2002.

Female Torso by Sharon Leeber
Sharon Leeber’s polished chrome "Female Torso"
bronze bust of Eugene McDermott by Glenna Goodacre
Glenna Goodacre’s bronze bust of Eugene McDermott

Midnight by Jeffrey Brosk
Jeffrey Brosk’s wood sculpture "Midnight"
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