Cognitive Science Major Finds McDermott Library is Where the Heart is

Where is the center of the UT Dallas campus? It’s the Eugene McDermott Library of course, as any library lover will tell you!

That sentiment was part of UT Dallas student Grace McClure’s library-themed poem entered into the library’s annual Haiku Contest, capturing the hearts of the Haiku Contest judges and earning her the haiku poem championship for 2018’s contest. McClure’s poem was selected by a panel of library staff judges on April 30 from more than 60 entries submitted during the month of April.

Grace McClure’s winning entry:

The rhythm of shoes
Keyboards and conversations
The heart of campus


This winning combination won McClure, a senior majoring in Cognitive Science, a McDermott Library “swag bag” and serious bragging rights.

“This poem spoke to us on many levels, but mostly with the words of the final line, “the heart of campus,” making the greatest impact. We found it subtle, but touching. We, too, like to think of the library as the heart – and brains – of campus,” said Research Services Librarian Matt Makowka, chairman of the four-judge panel. Other library staff members on the panel include: Liz Martin, Matt Young and Cassandra Zawojek.

“I was thinking about the different environments of places on campus. We have all these different buildings, and students tend to stick to their own buildings. But the library is the place where everybody comes. It’s the place where so many students spend so much of their time,” said McClure.

McClure, a Dallas native, is graduating in May 2018 and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Cognitive Science at Southern Methodist University in the fall.

A haiku is a short poem with unrhymed verses having three lines containing five, seven and five syllables, respectively.


The second-place winner was Valerie Wijeweera, a freshman majoring in Information Technology and Systems

Diverse Collections
Of humans, books and knowledge
Catalysts for change


Third place went to Jephina Arockia Arputha Maria, a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering student.

Soundless arena
With authors chanting verses
Aloud in my head


This is the eighth year the library has held the haiku contest in April to coincide with National Poetry Month. Winners’ haikus are preserved in [email protected], the library’s online repository.

Page Last Updated: May 2, 2018